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M.A. Niklas Nylund on “Game Heritage: Digital Games in Museum Collections and Exhibitions”

Niklas Nylund

On Friday October 9th, 2020, starting at 12 o’clock in the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences at Tampere University, M.A., Niklas Nylund will hold a doctoral thesis dedicated to the field of game research and entitled “Game Heritage: Digital Games in Museum Collections and Exhibitions“. The opponent will be Professor René Glas, from Utrecht University. The Custos will be Professor Olli Sotamaa.

How is the history of digital games inherited? The ongoing process, displayed in exhibitions and museums all around the world, does not take into consideration the critical understanding that constitutes game heritage. In order to provide a critical framework for thinking and working with games as heritage, the dissertation of M.A. Niklas Nylund engages in theory building and conceptualizations around key heritagization issues.

The study utilizes a versatile methodology consisting of interpretive analysis and extensive use of insider knowledge and participant observation, as well as theoretical triangulation between heritage studies, games studies, and game preservation research. In the discussion, the study points towards possible strategies that can be used in order to mitigate stakeholder tensions around the ownership of game heritage. However, further empirical research is needed in order to validate the theoretical constructs and guidelines provided in this study.

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