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ROMchip issue 1 – the first academic magazine about history of video games

efgamp news ROMCHIP journal issue 1 2019

The very first issue of ROMchip: A Journal of Game Histories online magazine is released and can be read freely from its web site. The publication is meant to be the platform for critical historical studies of games and contains scholarly articles, transcripts of oral histories and interviews, along with short works devoted to game related artifacts at cultural institutions and beyond.

ROMchip is an academic publication and its content is meant to appeal to the more critical reader insteredted in the history, research and culture of gaming, like scholars, critics, journalists, enthusiasts, archivists, and students.

Already the first issue covers wide range of topics via academic insight, columns, deep thinking views and thorough interviews. The games are not just digital but the excellent article “I Incite This Meeting to Rebellion” by Renee Shelby digs into the radical feminish and police violence in the early 1900s board game Suffragetto and how it connected to the real world politics of equality.

You can read the ROMchip magazine and subscribe to the newsletter on its web page.

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