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The interactive past returns – conference about gaming archaeology

The Interactive Pasts Conference 2020_02 seminar event

The Interactive Pasts Conference 3 will take place in the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision in Hilversum (close to Amsterdam), the Netherlands, 4-6 November 2020. TIPC a place where diverse  people and ideas get together, centred around video games and the past.

The event has currently open call for contributors who are willing to provide ” all manner of serious and playful presentations” with 15-20 minute presentations from the given topics or any other related subject matter.

The conference asks:

“How do we create games and histories that are accessible, diverse, and fun? What can games teach us about the past? How are video games cultural heritage and is heritage and history a game? What do video games and the past have to offer each other?”

The conference welcomes all the researchers, game developers, scholars, students, gamers, artists and everyone who is curious to learn more about archaeology, history, game development, game studies and the interactive past as visitors.

Registration for attendees of TIPC3 will open February 29 2020 and the event is free to all visitors.

More information:


And feel free to check out the Youtube playlist from the previous TIPC2 conference:

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