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Flashpoint preservation project has rescued over 38,000 Flash and web games

Flashpoint project - java flash web games preservation 2019

Browser, web and Facebook games are easy to lose forever. Usually the game is gone once the creator pulls down the web site or removes the app from a social media service. BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint project tries to make a difference here by preserving internet history and web games before they are gone forever.

Flashpoint tries to rescue and preserve Flash, Java and Shockwave based web games and provide them to the future generations are easy to lose from the history pages of games industry. And we must admit, the project has been pretty successful so far as Flashpoint has preserved already over 38,000 unique games and 2,400+ animations running on 13 different platforms. That over 240 gigabytes of data.

The project is in hurry as Adobe’s Flash will finally die this year. Adobe ended support for Flash in 2017 and all major browsers will remove Flash by December 31, 2020. And when that happens, tens of thousands of Flash games will be gone from the internet.

While these web/browser games are usually tiny by their own rights, they have been remarkable portion of the video games history since the late 1990s and early 2000. The games started a whole new branch in the games industry and paved way for the second wave of the mobile games industry as well. Many of the games have had millions of unique players. There’s also a staggering amount of game genres, from the popular puzzle games to sims and newsgames.

The Flashpoint archive has the games in a locally playable format as it runs a web and proxy server in the user’s own computer. This makes researching the history of the web games history and industry easy for the professionals. You can down Flashpoint archive in two versions: Ultimate contains all the games, Infinity has just the Launcher software and users can pick games individually.

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