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Collaborative Game Histories seminar about game research and preservation

collaborative game histories seminar finnish museum of games 2019

The EFGAMP member Finnish Museum of Games is currently hosting a two day seminar focusing on issues related to game history research and preservation.

The Collaborative Game Histories seminar deals particularly with issues related to exploring various aspects of collaborative practices related to game heritage process, involving not only academics but also collectors, hobbyists, participatory historians, retrogamers, as well as educators, GLAM space experts and other cultural institutions’ professionals.

Aso the Art Of Coding UNESCO application campaign is worked on in the seminar workshops.

The event is co-organized by the Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies and the University of Turku.

Most of the seminar is streamed live. You’ll find the Friday stream here:

The Live link for the streams (Friday and Saturday) is

More information about the event:

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