Our mission: to safeguard the history of video games

Among its members, EFGAMP counts Game Archives, created in order to catalog and physically preserve the works and data, Museums, with the aim of disseminating to the public what is, in all respects, evidence of human ingenuity, and Preservation Projects, committed to research and development of new hardware and software solutions.

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The Purpose of the Association is the facilitation of the preservation of the heritage of interactive entertainment and information media and content, the facilitation of public access to such media and content, the gathering and circulation of knowledge concerning preservation of such media and content.


Represent members and partners of EFGAMP on a European and global level.


Network with other digital preservation communities worldwide.


Lobby to advance the conditions of digital preservation and the accessibility of digital interactive entertainment heritage.


Advance the availability of digital interactive heritage.

Sharing culture

Gather and circulate knowledge about digital preservation.


Strengthen the European information society.

Some of the great institutions that help making EFGAMP a reality.


The museum opened in Berlin in 1997 the world’s first permanent exhibition devoted to digital interactive entertainment culture. Since then, it has documented the development of the medium at over 30 national and international events.



VIGAMUS is the first Italian videogame museum, located in the center of Rome. A pole for video game culture dissemination, VIGAMUS offers a permanent course with more than 68 informative panels, telling history in a fun yet informative way.

The National Library


The National Library of Sweden has been collecting virtually everything printed in Sweden or in Swedish since 1661. We also collect TV and radio programs, movies and videos distributed in Sweden, Swedish music and computer games.

EFGAMP is the European Federation of Video Game Archives, Museums and Preservation projects. Through an international network of partners, EFGAMP’s mission is to encourage the creation of archives and to increase accessibility to our digital heritage.

Email: contact@efgamp.eu
Website: www.efgamp.eu