The National Video Game Arcade (UK)

The National Videogame Arcade is the flagship project of the National Videogame Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that exists to develop the role of videogames in culture, education and society. It’s funded by revenue generated by visitors, hospitality and events as well as generous patrons of the foundation. You can read more about the National Videogame Foundation and its work here…

The National Videogame Arcade opened in March 2015 and welcomes tens of thousands of visitors a year. As well as the core visitor attraction, we also deliver education programmes to school visits and informal learners. The NVA exists to celebrate and interpret videogames for as many audiences as possible. We think that everyone should be able to play videogames, but more importantly everyone should be able to make them. We think that the future of videogames is in new people, making new kinds of games, for new players. The National Videogame Arcade is the home of videogames.