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The National Videogame Museum (UK)

The National Videogame Museum collects, preserves, exhibits and interprets videogames for everyone. Forever.

Located in Sheffield city centre, The National Videogame Museum (NVM) is the UK’s only museum dedicated solely to videogames, celebrating and interrogating their history and culture over the last 50 years. The Museum features over 100 playable exhibits, from retro arcade machines to modern games consoles, alongside unique exhibitions which are carefully curated by their team of experts. They preserve over 5,000 objects of videogame heritage for future generations showcased through their collection via a mixture of permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Through exhibitions, award winning educational programmes and community outreach projects, The NVM aims to create innovative and inclusive ways to engage diverse audiences with their collection, confronting accessibility challenges that videogames present with a particular focus on under-represented communities. The NVM seeks to inspire new people to make new kinds of games, evangelising videogame creation as an intrinsically valuable means of self-expression.

The NVM is run by the British Games Institute (BGI), a registered charity number 1183530. Transforming lives through videogames, the BGI educates the public about the art, science, history, and technology of videogames.

The NVM leads on the Videogame Heritage Society (VHS), which is the UK’s only Subject Specialist Network dedicated to digital games. The VHS provides advocacy, support and expertise on the preservation of videogames, digital games and digital game culture.