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Demo Maker’s Handbook available in English

Demo Maker's Handbook

The Demoscene is the first digital culture, which became accepted as UNESCO cultural heritage. Subsequent to this the Demo Maker’s handbook gives hints and inspiration how to get involved with the demoscene. It was created as part of the project “Demoskenen uudet kasvot” (New faces of the demoscene) which was funded by the Finnish Heritage Agency. The project took place at the Finnish Museum of Games in the spring of 2023 when a series of seven workshops related to the demoscene were held for young people aged 13 to 19.

The contents of this handbook were compiled in collaboration with active members of the demoscene community. With great dedication, they have shared their know-how regarding the history of the demoscene, the audiovisual world of demos as well as demo coding and design. They have also opened the inner workings of the community to us and considered the possible future directions for the further development of the community.

The handbook invites people of all ages to learn about the demoscene, as it offers a unique opportunity to experience and create audiovisual works of different types. This handbook offers information and useful tips for beginners and more experienced hobbyists alike.

As supporter of the Art of Coding initiative EFGAMP is proud to have helped with the English translation of the handbook.

Download Demo Maker’s Handbook