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Slovak Design Museum (SK)

Slovak Design Museum specializes in collecting, presenting and researching all forms of design and selected areas of applied art, architecture and related disciplines, including free art intersections, architectural design, photography and free art and new media related to the museum’s main collections.

The museum also includes the Collection of multimedia with a sub-collection focused on digital games created in Czechoslovakia and Slovakia. The sub-collection is dedicated to historical research, cataloging, backing up copies of games but also archiving of physical and digital documentation, or artifacts related to Slovak games.

From the very beginning of the museum’s existence, the team of staff has been striving to carry out all the tasks that the museum has to fulfill according to international standards, to be included among the relevant partners of similarly oriented museums in the world and representative institutions in the home environment. In addition to basic collecting, research and publishing activities aimed at preserving and protecting cultural heritage and creating cultural identity, these are also the tasks of presenting collections to the current audience and educating all types of the public.