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NEpository: Preserving the historical value of Korean online games.

Preservation and documentation of interactive online culture is one of the main future challenges for heritage institutions. At EFGAMP, we promote such issues by working with European Museums and Preservation Institutions and thanks to International meaningful partnerships. The Nexon Computer Museum, partner of the European Federation of Games Archives, Museums and Preservation Projects, is unveiling a new impactful exhibition to divulge such issues.

“Have you ever played a game that does not exist in the world?” This is tagline of the exhibition NEpository, a combined word of “Nexon” and “repository”, that gives the name to the exhibition and to the Nexon Archiving Project which aims to preserve the historical value of Korean online games. The exhibition 《NEpository βeta》presents games that haven’t been officially released, explores their development process, and records developers’ efforts and attempts to release a new project.

As a guide to NEpository, Nexon Computer Museum leads visitors to the world of games. Visitors can experience development processes, including extensive artworks that consist of the visual elements of a game, as well as a design document and a simulation video. Also, visitors can play test build of a game. Some projects, such as Peria Chronicles and Dragon Hound, have been introduced to the public and the media and others are completely unrevealed projects.

Unreleased games may be seen as failures but it must be a part of creative process. One day, These games which pave a different route from the past will be appeared as a new genre, story, and fun. Why don’t we look forward to that the countless possibilities and ideas experienced here will apply leverage on new fun in the near future?

Please visit the official website for further info: Nexon Computer Museum | NEpository