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European Parliament published new DRAFT REPORT on Video Games and e-Sport


In an explanatory statement the Committee on Culture and Education of the European Parliament emphasize the cultural and economic impact of video games, which “are a genuine total art form, bringing together techniques from other fields such as cinema, graphic arts, music and theatre, with constantly evolving technologies, in the service of a gaming experience. What began as a marginal practice for a handful of insiders has become in a few decades a mainstream medium practiced by half of Europeans aged 6 to 64, on smartphones, PCs and consoles.”

In the resolution the European Parliament stresses, “that video games can quickly become heritage to be preserved and promoted” and suggests, “that support be provided for the creation of an archive preserving the most culturally significant European video games”.

When this resolution is finalised it will be forwarded to the EU Council and the Commission to call “for the development of a long-term video game strategy, also taking into account e-sports.”