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Members of the board and managing team of EFGAMP

Jakob Moesgaard (Board Member)

Jakob is a curator at the Royal Danish Library in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has worked with videogame collection and preservation for a decade. Jakob is responsible for the library’s collection of videogames, apps, e-books and other digital material. His primary curatorial interest lies with smaller – and often overlooked – game productions, indie games, game jams, etc.

Marco Accordi Rickards (Board Member)

Journalist and writer Marco Accordi Rickards is VIGAMUS Foundation’s Founder and Executive Director. He’s in charge of VIGAMUS, the Video Game Museum of Rome and business unit VIGAMUS Academy, while being in the advisory board of Gamerome Developers Conference. He teaches Video Game History and Journalism at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” and is Extraordinary Professor in Link Campus University, at the helm of gaming-focused Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. A founding member of EFGAMP, the European Federation of Games Archives, Museums and Preservation Projects, he has published books for Mondadori, Carocci and is currently working for RAI (Cartoons on the Bay Festival) and Enciclopedia Treccani.

Christian Bartsch (Board Member)

Christian started his career at Cachet Software, working on renowned software package X-Copy & Tools. After a short sidestep into games development, Chris opted for journalism and became a trainee for audio and video editing to produce independently. After having worked for a few years time, Chris became a senior lecturer and manager at SAE Institute Cologne. In 2007 Chris turned another passion into profession and became a product and acquisitions manager in the home video industry, with a strong focus on film transfer and restoration. In parallel, Chris became one of the founding members of KryoFlux Preservation Technology Group, the commercial entity of the NPO The Software Preservation Society. He lives in Germany near the Dutch border with his wife and his two sons but no dog.

Andreas Lange (COO)

Andreas Lange is founding director of the Computer Games Museum in Berlin and was its curator until August 2018. He studied Comparative Religions and Dramatics (M.A.) at Freie Universität Berlin. Besides other he is member of the „SIG Creative Industries“ of the Berlin chamber of commerce and industry and the SIG “Cultural Heritage” of the German Cultural Council. He also acts as an expert for the German Unesco commission in the field of cultural diversity.

Twitter: @A_Lange_Berlin