Japanese Game Preservation Society takes it seriously

Japanese NPO Game Preservation Society falcom 2019

EFGAMP generally concentrates on European software preservation projects but we highly respect the similar activities outside the old continent as well. For example the Japanese NPO Game Preservation Society (Tokuteihieiri Katsud?h?jin G?mu Hozonky?kai) works actively to preserve and showcase old pieces of Japanese gaming history and culture.

As Japan has been one of the hotseats of video game development from the early digital age, there is certainly plenty to recover still from unpublished games and prototypes to art and untold stories. As one example, earlier this year the society was donated a treasure box full of discs from Nihon Falcom Corporation. The company was founded in 1981 and is still actively producing new games. Their donation included amazing artifacts from the 1980s including 262 discs, a number of them Famicom Y (Famicom/NES Disk System) replacement disks meant for customers whose original copies were defective or bugged.

The replacement discs are clean and unused, in completely original form, which makes them very interesting research pieces.

The society is also very serious about protecting and preserving the Japanese digital history: they have a temperature and humidity controlled archive room to maintain the fragile discs, media, papers and photographs as well as possible.

For more information about NPO Game Preservation Society and their research please visit https://www.gamepres.org/en/.

You can also watch this video from Hardcore Gaming 101:

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