1st academic journal of game history will be launched July 2019

ROMchip: A Journal of Game Histories

The very first academic journal of video game history will be launched in July 2019. The ROMchip: A Journal of Game Histories has already published the first newsletter where the founders open up their vision of the scientific approach to gaming culture.

ROMchip is a “platform designed for the advancement of critical historical studies of games. It supports any discipline of work enlivening the history of games in local and global contexts, and embraces diversity in how game history is studied, documented, collected, preserved, and practiced.”

The founders note that you don’t have to be an academic historian to publish in ROMchip as long you are dedicated to taking game history seriously.

We’re looking forward to the first issue. Good luck, fellows!

More information: https://twitter.com/ROMchip_Journal

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