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DSM-Directive: First EFGAMP statement submitted


Since the new EU copyright DSM directive is related to digital preservation in general and game collecting particularly (see EFGAMP news from Oct. 22nd, 2019) EFGAMP has become registered as stakeholder at European and national level. Against this background we are glad to have submitted a first statement in a national implementation process, concretely in Germany, where a first discussion draft for some articles of the DSM directive recently has been released.

Whereas the main focus of the discussion draft is article 15 and 16 of the DSM directive, some digital preservation matters are touched already. Therefore the EFGAMP statement focuses crucial aspects of digital preservation like emulation and TPM.

You find the statement here:

and an automated translation into English here.

We are looking forward to help raising the awareness of the needs of digital preservation in general and games preservation particularly by submitting further statements to the implementation process of the DSM directive in other EU members states as well.

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