Digital archeology showcase: preserving magnetic and optical media

kasettilamerit - digital preservation - finnish museum of games - 2019

The Collaborative Game Histories seminar at Finnish Museum of Games, Tampere, Finland, provided number of interesting lectures and presentations. The Kasettilamerit showcase provides in depth look into the world of digital archeology.

The Kasettilamerit digital archeology team is a digital archeology team founded in 2011, with the intention to archive data off of magnetic and optical media. The team has developed their own tools, software and methods to rescue data from rare and even weird medias and systems, though naturally the popular platforms like the Commodore 64, VIC-20, Amiga, Atari ST, IBM Compatibles, CP/M, Spectrum, Spectravideo, Apple II and Amstrad CPC are most usual. Still, the team tackles new challenges with vigor and excitement.

“We have helped the Software Preservation team archive thousands of original titles, not to mention all the homebrew Commodore 64 turbo tapes, which were the original motivation for founding our group.”

Link: More videos from this event

The Collaborative Game Histories was a two day seminar focusing on issues related to game history research and preservation. The seminar deals particularly with issues related to exploring various aspects of collaborative practices related to game heritage process, involving not only academics but also collectors, hobbyists, participatory historians, retrogamers, as well as educators, GLAM space experts and other cultural institutions’ professionals.


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