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What is EFGAMP? The Federation explained in LVLUp! Talks online conference

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What is EFGAMP and what is our mission? The secretary of the Federation, Andreas Lange, hops on the online platform to tell about the mission and activities of the group in Tallinn Interactive Video Game Museum’s LVLup!  Talks, a series of conferences by world top specialists in video game preservation and digital culture. 

EFGAMP stands for European Federation of Video Game Archives, Museums and Preservation projects. 

The preservation of digital data and multimedia interactive works is a very current issue, on which the world of computing is starting from the mid Nineties to question, encouraging initiatives and projects that EFGAMP aims to bring together under the same flag. Among the objectives that the Federation has set to achieve, is to increase the accessibility of the digital heritage, this means therefore encourage all proposals designed to recover the games of the past, through systems such as emulation or by creating appropriate archives, and avoid getting them lost due to physical deterioration of the original media.

Andreas Lange is secretary of EFGAMP e.V. (European Federation of Game Archives Museums and Preservation Projects). Before he was founding director of the Computer Games Museum in Berlin and its curator until August 2018. He co-initiated the UNESCO campaign ‘Demoscene – Art of Coding’ and acts as an expert for European Union and the German Unesco commission in the field of gaming culture, digital heritage cultural diversity.


This is the second LVLUp Talks show, preserved in Youtube:


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More information:

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