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COVID-19 threatens Estonian LVLup! Video Game Museum – join their Patreon drive

LVLup Interactive Video Game Museum Tallinn Estonia

The current global COVID-19 epidemic has caused every kind of trouble for businesses, organizations and museums, including EFGAMP members. The Estonian LVLup! Interactive Video Game Museum was for example almost forced to close down. Luckily the museum was able to secure its situation for now with a crowdfunding campaign.

The LVLup! museum project started in 2018 with a crazy idea resulting with the museum crew transforming a 250m2 metal factory as a videogame museum with an art residency program, a lecture program and space for exhibitions, concerts, screenings and other events. As the result the museum became a place where families, teenagers, adults, kids and various speakers from Estonian communities gathered. The museum became also an experimental platform in research for Tallinn University from Anthropology and for Art departments.

Unfortunately the COVID-19 caused an end to all the activities and also dried the budget. Without income from the visitors the museum, as an independent organization without state funding, was collapsing under the weight of unavoidable monthly expenses.

The museum has been able to stabilize the situation momentarily with crowdfunding and Patreon drive.

“We managed to save the situation for now and we don’t have to move the museum anymore. But we need support for the next period coming”, Camille Laurelli  from the museum tells.

If you want to support the LVLup! Interactive Video Game Museum please sign up at their Patreon:

 More information:


Many EFGAMP members and other gaming museums must be facing similar trouble right now. How are you doing? Please tell us about your situation and if we can spread the word. Email us at contact [at] efgamp (dot) eu.

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