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EFGAMP contributes to EU-Platforms “On The Future Of Cultural Heritage”


Next week, 7-8 October 2019, national and regional level policy-makers from the EU, key global institutions and agencies, practitioners, academics and members of civil society will meet in Prague on invitation of the European Commission to look at the future of heritage particularly focusing on cultural heritage and digitalisation; looking in depth at the potential of cultural heritage in an environment where technology is developing at a rapid rate. The meeting will centre around the following three themes:

  • Intangible cultural heritage and digitalisation: New technologies have created an unprecedented opportunity to allow for the preservation, protection, transmission, research, valorisation, and access to intangible cultural heritage. This theme explores how digital processes relating to intangible heritage can be implemented and improved, and the possibilities they create for the expanded preservation and use of intangible cultural heritage.
  • Digital cultural heritage, the tech industry, and smart and inclusive growth: Technological innovation plays a key role in the development of economies and communities, but currently most of this innovation has been concentrated in a few hubs. How will future technologies disperse these benefits and developments? This theme explores how technology and cultural heritage can interact economically at the local and regional level, reducing stress on big cities and distributing the benefits of the use of cultural heritage in commercial applications.
  • Enhanced digitally enabled cultural heritage participation for all citizens: Digitally connected technologies allow for widespread dissemination and access to cultural heritage elements in a variety of formats. Cultural organisations have an opportunity to act as enablers and hubs for digital cultural heritage goods and can play a key part in stimulating active citizenship. This theme looks at how organisations can utilise new platforms to reach wider audiences and provide deeper and more personal access to various cultural goods as well as the effects of this expanded access on individuals, culture, and society more broadly.

The Prague meeting is part of the conference series “Problem Solving Platform On the Future of Heritage“, which is designated in the “European Framework for Action on Cultural Heritage” [P. 26]. The conference series is helping to disseminate the results of ongoing experimentation and research among cultural heritage institutions and stakeholders and in the field of social policies.

Andreas Lange, COO of EFGAMP, will participate to the debate and share the experience of EFGAMP members safeguarding the born digital parts of our cultural heritage.

Find the conference program here.

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