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Virtual tour at the Royal Danish Library’s Video Game Department

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EFGAMP member Royal Danish Library has a mission: to collect and preserve all the games made in Denmark. The Library was commissioned by law to do this since 1998 but the organization cares also for the older games.

The adventure game specialist Space Quest Historician recently visited the Library and toured it with Allan Christophersen. Allan’s quest is to “find, catalogue and preserve EVERY Danish computer game ever made.”

Allan took Space Quest Historician  on a guided tour of the inner vaults of the Library and their collection of rare and sometimes forgotten games. Watch the video to get insights not only into digital preservation practices but on Danish gaming heritage as well:

One of the oldest Danish games is “Kaptajn Kaper i Kattegat” AKA “privateer”. It was a free “donationware” game and was usually handed out by the Danish computer stores whenever a customer bought an IBM PC. Hence, most of the 1980s generation of PC users have owned and played it. Currently there is no clear candidate for the oldest commercially published Danish game but “the hunt is on”, as the Library tells. 

Naturally there are many older games created by the hobbyists as well as listing in the computer magazines as early as 1982.

Royal Danish Library is member of EFGAMP.

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