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Major game research project funded in Australia

The Hobbit

Australian government has donated 0.5 million AU$ to “Play It Again: Preserving Australian videogame history of the 1990s”. The authors intend to research, preserve and exhibit the Australian gaming heritage as well as evaluate the possibilities of emulation to preserve and showcase the Australian digital culture heritage.

The project expects to generate new knowledge needed by government, museums and industry to inform future strategy and infrastructure investment. The long distance aim is to make it possible to bring the Austrian digital heritage to the public.

The project is run by Flinders University, Adelaide. Collaborating organisations on this project are RMIT University, Swinburne University, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, and AARNET Australia.

More information:

Pictured: The Hobbit, Australian adventure game for Commodore 64 and other major platforms of the time. The game was deloped by Beam Software and published by Melbourne House in 1983.

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