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Ouya console borns again – dead digital ecosystem resurrected the first time ever


The Kickstarter funded Ouya games microconsole, launched in 2013, died quietly earlier this year when the system’s servers were closed down. A large portion Ouya software relied on online authentication so it was now impossible to run even legitimately purchased games. Also downloading any software was now completely impossible. At worst Ouya owners couldn’t even startup the console as you couldn’t login or register the system with the server anymore.

The digital preservationists have now managed to create their own version of Ouya servers. The Ouya server replacement enables users to again run their system, authenticate purchased Ouya software and also allows game downloads. The preserved Ouya software is currently hosted at the Internet Archve.

It only took someone banging their head against it for years and some archive on the internet that could hold the gigabytes of data and serve them to the OUYAs“, tells the programmer cweiske in Twitter.

Resurrection of a digital console ecosystem is important milestone in preserving digital only software and devices. Even if Ouya was not commercially successful machine, it did create an interesting development environment and culture that is worth saving and studying.

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