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Art of Coding campaign panel discussion from Collaborative Game Histories

Art of Coding Panel discussion - Finnish Museum of Games

Collaborative Game Histories seminar was held on 28.-29.10.2019 at Tampere, Finland, at Finnish Museum of Games / Suomen Pelimuseo. Here we have the panel discussion about Panel: Demoscene – The Art of Coding Unesco campaign.

The aim of Demoscene – The Art of Coding project is to include the demoscene on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. The panel will discuss the project, how its goal can be achieved and what the status of intangible cultural heritage would mean for the demoscene. Panelists include Gleb J. Albert, Satu Haapakoski, Tommi Musturi and Jari Myllylahti.

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Chair: Andreas Lange

Gleb J. Albert is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of History, University of Zurich. He is member of the DFG-SNF Research Group “Media and Mimesis” and works on the history of youth and software piracy in the 1980s and early 1990s. He participates in several demoscene preservation projects, including “Got Papers?” and

Tommi Musturi (b. 1975) is fine and a comic artist plus a C64 scener. Since mid-80s ‘Electric’ has created bagfuls of graphics for demos, groups, magazines and other purposes. Musturi is also one of the main characters behind Finnish ZOO demoparty.

Jari Myllylahti works as Senior IT Sourcing Partner at Tieto Corporation, being globally responsible for software sourcing. He founded the Amiga scene group Clones with his friends in 1988 and was one of the main coders and the organizer of the group, which expanded having members in Scandinavia, middle Europe, USA & Australia.


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The event was a two day seminar focusing on issues related to game history research and preservation. The seminar deals particularly with issues related to exploring various aspects of collaborative practices related to game heritage process, involving not only academics but also collectors, hobbyists, participatory historians, retrogamers, as well as educators, GLAM space experts and other cultural institutions’ professionals.

For more information about the Art of Coding campaign please follow the hashtag #artofcoding and see:


The summary about the campaign: 

The Demoscene, which is born at the heart of the home computer revolution, has been showing how skills and creativity can be stimulated and implemented in a dynamic cultural practice adopted to digital contexts. Many of its techniques and mindsets became core techniques and influences of the digital change, and are still vibrant today. Seven decades after the invention of computers we think it’s time to push for the next step to take born-digital culture seriously as part of our cultural heritage, starting an initiative to bring the demoscene onto the list of the UNESCO intangible world cultural heritage. So we invite all sceners and non-sceners to join us and support the initiative in the upcoming years.”

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