Ubisoft helps Notre-Dame rebuilding efforts by bridging digital archeology to real world

Ybisoft assassin's creed unity

After the devastating fire at Paris’ Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, the shock of the people of the world was felt deeply everywhere. The cathedral’s rebuilding and restoration efforts will hopefully be greatly helped by the video game developer Ubisoft.

The French company has already donated 500 000 € for the restoration and reconstruction of the Cathedral. Also they have provided a free copy of the Assassin’s Creed Unity game on PC for everyone who wants to visit the Cathedral in its majestic form during the 1800s.

Notre-Dame is recreated very thoroughly in the game and the players can examine the Cathedral both from the inside and outside, admiring the historical artworks and architecture.

The game company spent large amount of time and resources researching the Cathedral. To make a perfect digital copy of it the company performed time consuming scanning of every inch and corner, also taking massive amount of photos and video. These assets may be very valuable when the rebuilding effort begins.

This way the videogaming industry manages to merge the real world cultural heritage to digital, bringing old and new together in perfect harmony.

And meanwhile we will be able to explore the Notre-Dame in more thorough way than any visitor or tourist can. The virtual homage to the momumental piece of architecture is a way to both entertain yourself and dive into the cultural history of mankind while the examination of the fire continues and plans for rebuilding start.

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