Art of Coding campaign launched

art of coding launch demoscene 2019 unesco

The EFGAMP led Art of Coding campaign to promote the digital demoscene culture on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity has started officially in the Nordic Game conference, Sweden.  

The beginning shots were words fired at the Nordic Game panel discussion with Neogames’ KooPee Hiltunen , programmer Anna-Liisa Mattila, digital artist Florine Fouquart and the Art of Coding campaign organizers Andreas Lange (EFGAMP) and Tobias Kopka (Ludicious/Reboot).

The campaign has already received expressions of interest from Swiss, Poland, Hungary and France to support it with applications on national level. More will be still needed, both to create national applications and to support the campaign by general level. Please see the Art of Coding site to see how you can support it.


Panel discussion topic:

Digital culture has been around for many decades, but is not considered by UNESCO as culture yet. Join us to learn and discuss our initiative to put digital culture – starting with the demoscene – on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Also find out how you can help!


More information:

More in Twitter: #artofcoding in Twitter

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