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Massive Amiga collection preserved

Amiga collection preserved

While piracy was and is not a recommended activity, the old pirate archives offer often interesting and unique viewpoints to the history of gaming and digital culture. Amiga enthusiast Simon Vergauwen acquired in the beginning of 2018 the complete Amiga disk collection of a member of the old Amiga pirate and demo group Bamiga Sector One, full of Amiga gaming and demoscene history.

The collection consisted of 80+ boxes of Amiga disks, containing exactly 12.236  disks. The collection was built over the years of swapping both legal and illegal software, including demoscene demos and pirated games and utilities.

The owner of this collection proceeded to image the disks one by one and adding them to a downloadable file. The complete downloadable collection contains 81 zip files filled with Amiga disks, just the way they were copied by hand in the 1980s and 1990s. A true, unedited, raw treasure trove for those interested in the history of Amiga, games, digital culture and the demoscene/cracking scene.

More information: Bamiga Sector One floppy collection recovered

More information:Bamiga Sector One ADF Collection


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