Digital culture accepted first time as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

As announced at April 9th, 2020 the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture listed the Demoscene on proposals from the National Board of Antiquities and the Intangible Cultural Heritage Expert Group as national cultural heritage of humanity.

This is a big success for the Finnish Demosceners and their supporters, who set-up the fundamental wiki entry, which is the base for the decision.  And it’s a first major milestone of the Art of Coding initiative, which is serving as an umbrella for multiple similar applications in other countries representing the international nature of the Demoscene.

For EFGAMP this groundbreaking decision of Finland is not only an approval of its role as international application coordinator but also for its member Finnish Museum of Games in Tampere. Having supported Art of Coding by introducing a special exhibition on the Demoscene it continued its engagement by networking and hosting the final application workshop last October.

The acceptance of the Demoscene as part of our cultural heritage will surely pave the way for a better understanding of digital culture in general. The next decision of an Art of Coding application is expected soon in Germany.

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