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Staff changes at EFGAMP board


Christian Bartsch from The Software Preservation Society has joined the EFGAMP –  the European Federation of Video Game Archives, Museums and Preservation projects – board of directors alongside Marco Accordi Rickards and Jakob Moesgaard.

His history in brief:

Christian started his career at Cachet Software, working on renowned software package X-Copy & Tools. After a short sidestep into games development, Chris opted for journalism and became a trainee for audio and video editing to produce independently. After having worked for a few years time, Chris became a senior lecturer and manager at SAE Institute Cologne. In 2007 Chris turned another passion into profession and became a product and acquisitions manager in the home video industry, with a strong focus on film transfer and restoration. In parallel, Chris became one of the founding members of KryoFlux Preservation Technology Group, the commercial entity of the NPO The Software Preservation Society. He lives in Germany near the Dutch border with his wife and his two sons but no dog.

At the same time the EFGAMP’s general assembly appointed Andreas Lange as the COO of EFGAMP:

“I am glad that I can continue to help EFGAMP achieve its mission as the new COO. It’s a very responsible role and I thank very much for the trust of the members and the board”, mr. Lange tells.

“Having Christian on board and Andreas as COO will surely strengthen EFGAMP and higher its operability in general and for the running and upcoming tasks like the ‘Art of Coding’ campaign in particular”, he continues.

More about EFGAMP and its mission here:

More about The Software Preservation Society:

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