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Antstream brings retro games back in a streaming form

Antstream is an upcoming gaming platform that will provide retro games from the past via a streaming service. It is currently in Kickstarter preparing for a spring 2019 launch.

Antstream will offer its subscribers an easy and legal way to play thousands of classic games that have previously been beyond the reach of most gamers or even researchers. The service has secured a partnership with a number of retro gaming brands and has licensed already over 2,000 games from various arcade, console and home computer platforms.

“The video games industry had been suffering from the absence of a way for games to be played years after their original platform disappeared,” said Koichi Toyama, CEO at SNK. “We are working with Antstream to right this wrong and allow everyone to play and challenge their friends at some of our most iconic video games.”

Retro games have a large following but most of it happens behind the scenes. Console manufacturers have released a few new versions of their old consoles with limited game selection, but there is no service that offers larger selection of retro titles, legally. Antstream may be able to bring some of the jewels of the games industry back to the light.

The service will launch on PC, Mac, Xbox One, tablets and smartphones with 400 games initially.

More information: Antstream Kickstarter

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