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National game cataloguing and preservation initiative funded by Czech Ministry of Culture. Národní filmový archiv (National Film Archive) becomes new EFGAMP member

National Film Archive (CZ)

The initiative is bundled in the project, which aims to design, implement, verify and describe processes for protection of cultural heritage in the form of digital games and to create corresponding technical solutions reflecting the needs of memory institutions. With the help of these processes, tools and information resources will build a professional background for identification, documenting, interpretation and dissemination of national cultural and historical values which the games represent.

The Pixelarchiv project is developed and operated by the Národní filmový archiv, Prague , the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and the Czech Technical University.

“We are glad to participate in the EFGAMP community, which allows us to benefit from already existing knowledge and experiences in game collecting,” says the coordinator of Pixelarchiv Jan Kremer. “It also provides the best opportunity for us to develop our workflows and schemas in sync with the state of the art, which ensures that the data and results can be shared most efficiently.”

Andreas Lange, CEO of EFGAMP, complements: “We are very glad to welcome the new colleagues from Czech Republic. It will not only enhance EFGAMPs work and add more reach to the results, but is also another clear evidence that digital games meanwhile became an established part of our cultural heritage.”


The Národní filmový archiv, Prague was established in Prague in 1943, but the efforts to establish it are much older. From the mid-1990s new activities have been developed: an oral history unit has been established, a collection of amateur and family films has begun, a video art collection has been created, and a digital laboratory has been developed since 2012. The Národní filmový archiv, Prague has been publishing the magazine Illumination since 1989, and in the 1990s took over the publication of the magazine Filmový přehled, which was transformed into the online portal in 2015.