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VIGAMUS – The Video Game Museum of Rome celebrates its 8th anniversary


The first Video Game Museum in Italy, VIGAMUS, is about to reach a new goal. The facility has been open to the public since October 20th, 2012 and, in a few days, it will accomplish 8 years of activity. The structure – located in Rome, Italy – is entirely dedicated to the video game industry.

The museum represents one of the few places in Europe that preserves all the past consoles and titles that made the history of video games and were part of what the actual video game industry represents in the world. For the occasion, a special celebration will be held on Saturday, October 24th. in Via Sabotino, 4.

Of course, all visitors will have a chance to play with the consoles, arcade machines and some of the rarest games of all time. For the occasion, VIGAMUS also released a trailer that commemorates its 8th anniversary.

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